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the streets of hongkong sweet black sesame filling seafood soup inside a coconut glutinous rice sticks spicy wontons smoky eggplant dish dimsum dimsum jackie chan overlooking the harbor in hong kong looking down on hong kong

We had one simple goal for our short time in Hong Kong: to wander the streets and shove our faces full of the region’s renowned culinary delights.  Whether from humble roadside food stalls or elegant five star dining affairs, Hong Kong is considered home to some of the most delicious cuisine available in all of China: Cantonese food.  Cantonese style food is known for its quick cooking and scarcely added condiments which allow the delicate flavors of fresh seafood and vegetables to pull through to the palate.  Though Cantonese style is the standard Chinese fare you’ll typically find in America, you can be sure that popular dishes like chicken with broccoli and General Tso’s chicken can never be found in Hong Kong or China (nor do stereotypical Chinese takeout boxes or fortune cookies exist). So for a few nights between the neighboring cities of Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Canton) in China, we filled our stomachs full of everything from Dim Sum to dumplings. See above for photos, and munch along with your eyes.

As an aside, our apologies on having our posts come at a snail’s pace over the last two months. Yes we’ve still been traveling and wishing we could keep the updates coming, but we decided it was in our best interest to postpone some of our posts.  As we’ve found out, China is quite strict in controlling what you say online, or even what you read.  Rather than omit or dilute the things we’ve learned, or risk censorship, we thought we’d hold off until we actually leave China before saying anything.  So once we do that we’ll get back up to speed.

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